Download the Toyota Face It Down app today, and get rewarded for every kilometre you drive without picking up your phone. Now get 3 months free subscription to the mindfulness and wellbeing app Headspace.

Make drive time your time with Face It Down and our exclusive partnership with Headspace. Now get 3 months free to Headspace, this offer is exclusively available to all Face It Down users you just need to complete 2 journeys of 4km using the app.

I’m facing it down, join me



“Our brand promise is Built For A Better World and this app is the physical realisation of this. A better safer world for everyone on Irish roads”

Michael Gaynor Marketing Director – Toyota Ireland

How to use the app

Starting your Journey

Step 1

Before you start your car, we advise you to deactivate Bluetooth on your phone, then in Journey Tracker tap the Start button. Put your phone screen side down in a safe, stable place. Your phone will vibrate, which means the app has started tracking.

How to earn points & rewards

Step 2

Once tracking, the app records your journey start and end point along with your distance. You earn a point for every km you drive without interacting with your phone. If you lift your phone while driving, you will lose all points for that journey.

Ending your journey

Step 3

Once you’ve reached your destination, stop the car, turn off your engine, pick up your phone and press the Finish button when it appears. Please make sure to do these steps within 30 seconds of picking up your phone or you will lose all points for that journey.

Calculating your points

Step 4

Once you’ve pressed the Finish button, we’ll calculate the amount of points you’ve earned for that journey and add them to your overall total.

Starting a new journey

Step 5

You won’t be able to start a new journey straight away. Please wait 3 minutes from finishing one journey before starting a new one. Go and take a break!